I started my career with Schwartz Steel in 1985. At the time, Schwartz Steel really didn’t need two full time people on the sales desk.  But they took a chance on me. (I’m glad they did!) Almost 30 years later here I am.  I was taught by the best, and was eager to learn.  My education of steel came from co-workers, suppliers, customers, and steel manuals.  You just can’t beat on the job training!  You have to remember, this was before computers and Google.  

 When I asked my mentor (Elsie Bridgeman) how she had worked in the same business for over 20 years, her reply was “I guess I had fallen in love with steel.” I continue to have the privilege to share what I have learned.

Pennsylvania Steel acquired Schwartz Steel about 4 years ago.   What a ride!  Growth like I would have never imagined.  After all these years I’m lucky enough to still be working in the industry I love. 




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